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  • Do your products contain Wheat Flour?

    Not all of our products contain wheat flour. However, wheat flour is used in our facility.

  • Eighteen Century Processing?

    Is a 100-year plus process of using granite stones with water wheels, wind power and now with electric motors to grind any free flowing grain into meal. The process was slow and most of these machines could only grind a few hundred pounds a day. We use these same stone grinding units today in our milling operation powered by electric motors.

  • What are the dark spots in ground corn products?

    Because our product is made with the whole grain the dark spots are the “tip cap” piece of the whole grain kernel the part where it attaches to the cob and is natural in this kind of process.

  • What are the health benefits of corn?

    Corn is very high in fiber. Its insoluble fiber tackles common digestive ailments. It is a wonderful source of several vitamins including folic acid, niacin, and vitamin C.

  • What does enriched mean on store shelf corn products?

    When corn products are ground at a high rate of speed (mainly to increase revenue), the heat from this process kills many nutrients. When a company uses the word “enriched” they are actually putting a few nutrients (sometimes synthetic) back into the product and calling it this. That is why stone ground products are a little more costly than enriched products. In order to save the natural nutrients, we cannot mass grind our corn and give you the same healthy product.

  • What is Polenta?

    Our Polenta is made from stone ground yellow corn. It is an Italian staple that was originally a peasant food. However, since the late 20th century, polenta has become a premium product. Polenta dishes are on the menu in many high-end restaurants, and prepared polenta can be found in supermarkets at high prices. Cooked polenta can also be sliced and fried in oil until it is golden brown. The fried polenta can be topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth or used with your favorite dip for an appetizer.

  • What is stone ground?

    It is a process of using century old techniques that grind the corn at a slow rate of speed which reduces friction and heat allowing the grain to stay cool. This process retains its full corn flavor and its natural nutrients. “THE WAY NATURE INTENDED”

  • What is the benefit of stone ground versus commercial high speed

    This is 100% Stone Ground Grain. We grind the corn at a slow rate of speed which reduces friction and heat allowing the grain to stay cool. This process retains its full corn flavor and its natural nutrients. We leave the corn germ and bran in. Because corn germ is used for unsaturated cooking oils and margarines, a lot of corn product producers remove it and sell it for a higher profit. It is a proven fact that eating stone-ground whole grains are much healthier.

  • What is the shelf life of Stone Ground Corn Products?

    In the absence of refrigeration, the shelf-life is approximately one year. However, if you keep it in a freezer in a sealed bag, it can last for much longer. Improper storage of cornmeal products can result in infestation of common grain insects.

  • Whole Grain all Natural Fresh Flavor

    South Texas Milling uses the whole kernel of yellow and white corn in its products. Whole grains provide freshness, nutritional value and fiber that are essential for a healthy diet.

  • Do you use non-GMO corn? In our quest to purchase non-GMO corn varieties, studies have shown that due to cross pollination it is nearly impossible to guarantee that the grain will be GMO free.  Please read the following article that further prove the inability for us or most anyone else to guarantee 100% GMO free grain.